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A girl’s heart is broken

 Wilting away each petal

  Thorning a broken body          A boys heart is broken

   Reaching rock bottom            Thrown into a white river

    Where a boy waits                Eroding; all the while drowning

To save her from it all                No girl willing to jump in

                                               To save him from it all

Tell You What

I’ll tell you something
You’ll go back to the floor
I tell you who I am
Not everyone can have that

I’ll tell you a secret
That not even I tell myself
I trust you to understand
A trust to not be judged wrongly

But if you won’t respond
Then just keep on walking away
I won’t heed you back to me
Asking you to hold my hand

I remember when you asked me
To hold you together
Just a warm hug to keep you from breaking
So that time would continue

Tell you what
I understand what is going through your head
Even if you can’t trust me, I won’t let you down
If we aren’t friends anymore, I’ll trust your making the right decision
-MrSquishyBuns -June 2nd, 2012

Prepubescent Adulthood

Not sue I like my new poetry much compared to my old ones grammar wise…they seem to be rather dull and straightforward. But watevs’~

I’m all alone

Been told to grow up

Go out and interact with the world

But you don’t see

That I’m all alone

Look at anyone else

Behind them are friends

Someone to talk to…

Someone who puts a smile on your face

And me?

All I have is my shadow

It tells me nothing

So I assume something bad

Because fear is such a great motivation

Being isolated

Means all I have is fear

From death to dawn I count

The number of days seem to grow shorter

Soon…I’ll be banned from the roller coaster

Instead; I stand alone

Nobody to sit by…

Where is my growth spurt?

Will I ever be saved…

From this strange and cold world

I’m asking you a simple question

Oh if only I knew the answers

Because it hurts talking to shadows…

The pain from being alone haunts me

But you wouldn’t understand would you now?


Once upon a time their was a man with a groin, the end. :]


Poem~ Singing In The Dark

Been awhile since I posted! Here’s a poem about how a bad life can feel like, as if there isn’t a reason. A person surrounded by their friends…but feel out of place like they don’t belong where they reside. Enjoy :)


Voices save me
Voices comfort me

Anything from a word to nothing
Hearing you succumbs the pain
No more nails across the chalk board
As voices speak louder

Humming; now whisper
Tell me all your secrets
I’ll hold them dear to me forever
Oh yes, for the rest of eternity

Voices stuck in my head
Voices haunt me

Some of them make me cry
Rain seeping through the cracks
Drowning me into it all
Like a lit match against the oil cauldron

Thinking of the days way back
Before I could even see this darkness
A clear sky shined down
And let me see who my friends were

They weren’t just voices
Each had a face; each had a heart
I loved them all…
I loved just to see them

But now I’ve become blind
The souls in my eyes are gone
My smile has withered
Plastic surgery can’t even fix this

Voices save me
Voices comfort me

They all sound the same
I’ve forgotten who you are
Forgotten who I am…
Along with the world I once resided

It’s time I go away
A trip far from my friends
I know once I leave…
The voices can’t help bring me back

Since I’m all alone now
I’ll have to sing myself to sleep…

Poem #10 ~Corpses


Reek of smell, good or bad? Missing or not, or are we here again? Together in the afterlife I hope, even if the world spits us out into the darkness. A corpse may look bad, but the beauty of it lets you know they suffer no longer…since this world will never be filled with happiness. It’s all gone, just in a matter of time. Poem >:U Omnom!



Oh corpse
Watch me fall
Catch me before I hit the wall
On my feet and hands

Prickly plants surfacing
Tickling ants lurk
Omnom, they go omnom
Venus may you rest in piece

I’m flying ever so high
But what you don’t know…
Spiders fought me tonight
And I fell for the trap

Plunging a thousand centimeters
Inches never seemed so long
Or my organs…
Till a collapse at heart

I saw nothing
But my own fear
For death grabbed hold of me
Corpse like family

The smell screams of blood
I’m fading away again
I just wish it wasn’t to be this way
Cause nothing is good anymore

Slipping into the floor board
Darkness eating away at me
I feel my legs going numb
As I descend into my grave

Sister, and brother
I see you
Like a puppet I am
I don’t speak unless you do…

But corpses lye silent
At least I know your still with me

Poem #9 ~ Broken Friendship

Isn’t everyone selfish now? Or was it just; everyone’s so selfish. I don’t know about you but I hate it when friends talk behind your back or just plain talk about you.

There isn’t really any friends in your life is there, just people you hang out with because you like them, like guys want sex from girls. Sex is selfish, I’m sure I could explain it with a big beefy amount of text but I think I’ll just throw a nice beefy text of poetry at you instead! :D Enjoy~

Broken Friendship

Help me help you
Help, you help me
You help…help me
I help, if you help

Wait a minute
Where’d you go?
I helped
And you decide to not show?

I comforted you…
I spent these years holding on
Keeping you from slipping off the edge
While the blood fell from your eyes

Crows picked at you
While I picked up you
Put you back together just like new
But all I saw was broken

The sky was falling
Stabbing into your heart
Never knew when it was going to happen
Always staring at the ground

No matter how much glue~
Covers your little curse
I’m unable to fix you
All this does is makes it worse

I’m hoping your okay now
Because I’ve been hiding a secret
That you and me…
We were so alike

Help me help you
Help, you help me
You help…help me
I can’t help, if you don’t help too

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